OXCEP St Edmund Hall

Oxford, St Edmund Hall and China: History, Present and Future

Prof. Keith Gull, the Principal of St Edmund Hall

Tuesday May 6, 5 p.m., in the Doctorow Lecture Room,
St Edmund Hall

Prof. Keith Gull

Oxford and St Edmund Hall have long histories of association with China, Chinese academics and students. At present we have a substantial and growing number of students and scholars who have connection with China. We also have an increasing number of China-focussed initiatives, as well as growing partnerships with top Chinese universities.

The Principal wishes to meet with those Aularians having an association with China to celebrate this history, to inform them about current projects, and to ask them for advice and assistance with future projects.

The event will take place in the Doctorow Hall at 5pm on Tuesday 6th May; there will be a Presentation, then Questions and Answers, followed by a Drinks Reception hosted by the OXCEP. We hope that you and your fellow students / scholars will then continue on to participate in Formal Hall.