OXCEP St Edmund Hall

Chinese Wine Tasting

OXCEP, St Edmund Hall

9 December 2016

Chinese Wine

Members of St Edmund Hall's Senior Common Room recently enjoyed an evening of Chinese food and wine-tasting in the College's Old Dining Hall, kindly hosted by Dr Frank Hwang and the Oxford Chinese Economy Programme (OXCEP). OXCEP has worked in partnership with St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford since 2013, to promote the study of the Chinese economy at the College.

DPhil student Ilona Mostipan, who holds an OXCEP Scholarship, gave guests an introduction to a special selection of Baijiu, also called sorghum wine, a traditional distilled liquor made from grain.

Chinese Wine

China's wine-making history can be traced back to 4000 BC and has been primarily based on grains, rather than fruits. Baijiu, which means 'White Liquor', has a distinctive fragrance and taste that is highly valued in Chinese culinary culture, and is the drink of choice at formal dinners. Drinking Baijiu is seen as an integral part of building and maintaining friendship and partnership in China. Toasting a glass of Baijiu is regarded as a noble symbol of diplomacy, and the best way to celebrate good times with friends and loved ones.

Guests were invited to try a range of the most famous Baijiu. These included Maotai, a world-renowned brand that has been produced in the town of Maotai in Guizhou province since the Qing Dynasty. It is a popular drink at state functions in China. Henry Kissinger of the United States once told Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping that, "if we drink enough Maotai, we can solve any problem!"

Chinese Wine

Our thanks go to OXCEP and Dr Hwang for hosting a very interesting and enjoyable evening.