Course Overview

The Academic Medicine Courses for Chinese medical academics and clinicians train faculty members of top Chinese medical schools, as well as clinicians at medical centres or teaching hospitals, who are interested in both clinical medicine and translational research.

The courses provide Chinese delegates with knowledge about the frontier topics and advanced issues in precision medicine, in order to help them train more medical academics and clinicians in China. Each course lasts two weeks and English-Chinese translator is available.

Academic Director: Prof. Robert Wilkins

Course Contents: More than 37 hours of lectures and discussions on 25 frontier topics and advanced issues in Clinical Medicine and Translational Research, by more than 28 senior academics and clinicians at Oxford University; 5 academic visits; 2 lab observations; plus cultural and social events.

Eligible Candidates: Faculty members of top Chinese medical schools, as well as clinicians at medical centres or teaching hospitals, who are interested in both clinical medicine and translational research.

Dates: The courses are held in the summer each year.

Accommodation: The William R. Miller Building, St Edmund Hall, Oxford University, Dawson Street, Oxford OX4 1AT. Check in from 2pm on Sunday of the first week and check out by 9.30am on Saturday of the second week. This is an annex building of St Edmund Hall situated approximately ten minutes walk from its main campus. All the study bedrooms in the building have en-suite facilities with WiFi coverage. On each level of the building, there is a separate kitchen area fully equipped with hobs, microwave cookers and refrigerators. Also, there is a launderette on site which can be used by residents. Phone-cards can be purchased in local shops for the use of telephone in each room or mobile phone.

Continental breakfast starts at 8am daily at the William R. Miller Building from Monday of the first week through Saturday of the second week. Two-course buffet lunch and three-course conference dinner are provided daily on the main campus of St Edmund Hall at 12.30pm and 6pm respectively, from Monday of the first week through Friday of the second week, except packed lunches on the weekend. Moderately smart dress is appropriate for the welcome dinner on Monday of the first week and the formal hall on Friday of the second week. The nearest car park to St Edmund Hall is the municipal car park on St Clements, located just opposite Dawson Street. For the location and directions of the William R. Miller Building , please check WRM.

Registration: Course attendees should register for the Course at the William R. Miller Building between 4pm and 5.30pm on Sunday of the first week, or at the OXCEP desk in the Old Dining Hall on main campus of St Edmund Hall between 8am and 8.30am on Monday of the first week.

Sample Lecture Titles (MED 2018)

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* Introduction to the University of Oxford and St Edmund Hall

* Harnessing Pluripotent Stem Cells for Immunotherapy

* Towards Personalised Medicine using Neuroimaging and Neuromodulation

* Chemical Probes in Target Discovery

* From Neurons to Behaviour: Investigating Brain Microcircuit Dynamics to Recover Functional Memories

* Cell Type Specific Effects of Genetics and Age on Immune Cell Transcriptomics

* Translating Parkinson’s: From Molecular Mechanism to Target Discovery

* Genomic Medicine – Hype or Hope?

* Translating Whole Genome Sequencing into the Clinic for Rare Disease and Cancer Patients

* The Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre: Development, Evaluation and Standardisation of Precision Diagnostics for Cancer and Haematological Diseases

* Skulls, Sperm and Clinical Genetics

* An Ageing, Affluent Society: How Stem Cell Technology and Gene Editing Can Address Chronic Diseases

* Developing New Treatment for Blindness using Gene Therapy, Robots and the Bionic Eye

* Tonsils, Trials and Trouble Understanding

* Pancreatic Islet Transplantation for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: from Bench to Bedside and Back Again

* Using Statistical Tools to Identify Genetic Variants Underlying Viral Transmission

* Dementias Platform UK: A Resource for Dementia Science

* Unravelling the Complexities of Migraine

* The Antibiotic Revolution: Penicillin, Oxford and the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

* Oxford Clinical Trials: Randomised Trials of Surgical Interventions

* The Future of Genetics in Women’s and Reproductive Health

* From Population Health To Drug Development

* Antibiotic Resistance and the Development of New Antibiotics

* How can we help the Pharmaceutical Industry to accelerate the Development of New Therapies for Patients

* Reprogramming the Immune System

* Why do Technology Projects in Healthcare so often fail (and how to improve their success)

Note: Subject to availability of lecturers

Certificate of Attendance

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A Certificate of Course Attendance, specifying its lecture titles and credit hours, is issued by St Edmund Hall to all the students who have attended the Course in its entirety.


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The OXCEP Academic Director at St Edmund Hall assesses and selects applicants for the Course. Each application should be accompanied by a copy of Curriculum Vitae including the applicant's academic study and clinical experience in medicine or a closely related discipline, as well as a brief statement on why the applicant applies and what he / she hopes to gain from the Course.

The Application Form, along with a copy of Curriculum Vitae, should be submitted to:

St Edmund Hall
University of Oxford
Queen's Lane
Oxford OX1 4AR
United Kingdom

or email them to


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In due course, a notification is sent to each applicant who has been selected to attend the Course, requesting him / her to make the required payment in order to confirm his / her place on the Course.


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Thereafter, an invitation letter by St Edmund Hall, specifying the Course and attendee details, is posted to attendees who have confirmed their places on the Course. The invitation letter may be used in support of application for a student visitor visa to the UK, if required, for attending the Course.

Please consult with OXCEP Representative in China.